Hanguana Blume

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  1. Hanguana anthelminthica (Blume) Masam., Enum. Phanerog. Born. (1942) 81; --Type: from Java. --Hanguana malayana auct. non (Jack) Merr., PJS 10 c (1915) Bot. 3; EPFP 1 (1922) 191; --Backer, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 4 (1951) 248. Australia, Borneo, Java, Micronesia, New Guinea, Palau, Peninsular Malaysia, Solomon Isls, Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines. MINDORO, PALAWAN, MINDANAO: Lanao del Sur, Agusan del Sur (Agusan Marsh), Surigao. Lowlands up to 900m, in freshwater swamp, peat swamp, along lakeshores and rivers, in sluggish water, thickets behind mangroves. Photos

Possibly present:

  1. Hanguana neglecta Škornick. & Niissalo, Phytotaxa 188 (2014) 15; --Type: from Singapore. Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, ?Philippines. ?PALAWAN. Photos from Palawan possibly represent this species in the Philippines. Photos


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