Burmannia L.

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  1. Burmannia coelestis D.Don, Prod. Fl. Nepal. (1825) 44; Merr., EPFP 1 (1924) 251; Jonker, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 4 (1948) 17. Distribution: China, India, Indochina, Malesia, Pacific Ocean, Thailand. LUZON: Pangasinan, MINDANAO: ?Davao, ?PALAWAN. Notes: Open places at low elevation. Native.
  2. Burmannia longifolia Becc., Malesia 1 (1878) 244; Merr., EPFP 1 (1924) 251; Jonker, Fl. Males. ser.1, 4 (1948) 16. Distribution: Bismarck Arch, Borneo, Malay Peninsula, Moluccas, New Guinea, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra. CAMIGUIN, MINDANAO: Agusan, Agusan del Norte, Bukidnon (photos), Davao, Davao Oriental (photos), Davao del Sur (photos), MINDORO, NEGROS. Notes: Wet montane forests along ridges and mossy trails, 1200-1600m. Native.
  3. Burmannia lutescens Becc., Malesia 1 (1878) 246. Distribution: Bismarck Arch, Borneo, Java, Malay Peninsula, New Guinea, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Vietnam. MINDANAO: Davao Oriental (photos). Native.
  4. Burmannia nepalensis (Miers) Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 5 (1888) 666; Jonker, Meded. Bot. Mus. Herb. Rijks Univ. Utrecht 51 (1938) 155; ≡ Gonianthes nepalensis Miers, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 18 (1841) 537; Type: from Nepal. = Burmannia clementis Schltr., PJS 1 (1906) Suppl. 305; Merr., EPFP 1 (1924) 251; Type: Clemens 21, Mindanao: Lake Lanao, Camp Keithley, Dec-1905. Distribution: Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Ryukyu Isls, Taiwan, Vietnam. LUZON: Kalinga (photos), MINDANAO: Agusan, Lanao del Sur. Native.

Gymnosiphon Blume

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  1. Gymnosiphon philippinensis Pelser, Salares & Barcelona, Phytotaxa 402 (2019) 70; Type: J.F. Barcelona 4489 (PNH, holo), Cebu: Cebu, Alcoy, Brgy Nug-as, Sitio Bululakaw, Nug-as forest, 800m, 4-Jan-2019. Distribution: Endemic to the Philippines. CEBU. Conservation status: Data Deficient (Pelser et al. 2019). Native.
  2. Gymnosiphon syceorosensis Nickrent, PhytoKeys 146 (2020) 80; Type: Plants & Lichens of the Southern Philippines Survey no. 1314 (BRIT, holo; CMUH, SIU, iso), Mindanao: Davao Oriental, San Isidro, Brgy La Union, Mt Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary, 1184m, 18-Jun-19. Distribution: Endemic to the Philippines. MINDANAO: Davao Oriental. Conservation status: Data Deficient (Nickrent 2020). Native.