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incl. Limnocharitaceae

Hydrocleys Rich. [Not native]

  1. Hydrocleys nymphoides (Willd.) Buchenau. The water poppy is cultivated as an ornamental. The genus contains 5 species of South American origin. Photo.

Bonpl. [Not native]

Edited by Derek D. Cabactulan & Pieter B. Pelser, 3 May 2014

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  1. Limnocharis flava Buchenau, Abh. Naturwiss. Vereins Bremen 2 (1869) 2. Native to Central and South America. Naturalized in wetlands in SE Asia incl. Philippines.


Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 7 September 2013

  1. Sagittaria trifolia L., Sp. Pl. 2 (1753) 993.


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